Food Photography, Branding, Product Shots

Eye catching images are essential in advertising and branding.  Images may be classic product shots, or complex artistic creations. Either way, our content gets people looking and keeps them looking!  Your brand will look better than ever.  You will reach new, engaged customer bases.  We can help reinvent brands or help launch them for the very first time.  Our team will provide you with all the media content you will ever need.  We provide content for existing websites or we help update current websites.  We have worked with brands all over the globe and would love to showcase yours!

*VR (virtual reality services available) Ask us about a 3D Matterport showcases! 



If you need product shots for online sales pages, we have you covered. We know how to create the perfect product image. We offer images with several backgrounds and/or no background. We can arrange studio space and provide product batch pricing. 


We give our clients multiple file formats for all web sharing and online needs.  We know how important it is to share the right files on the right platforms. Instagram, Facebook, and other web platforms can use different formats and compress others.         

We'll show you how!


Tim's wife loves to photograph food.  We know how to capture the flavor through the lens and show every detail of each dish. Tim also spent many of his early years photographing gourmet cuisines at some of the world's most prestigious resorts.   

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