Hospitality/Corporate Marketing

TradeMarek provides a variety of hotel and corporate marketing services. Our list include: architecture, real estate, building and property photos, product shots, event coverage, awards dinners and company parties. You name it. We can create any media of any kind, in any form, for your business.  We provide the highest quality content for websites and social media sites. Our content will reflect your company's most exciting qualities! We have package deals, a la carte services, or we can make a custom media package just for you. We can combine any of our photo, video, or virtual reality services! 

We can capture your project from start to finish.  We can showcase your grand opening.  Either way, we are with you through the entire project.  We make sure you know how to use the right files in the right places.  We can go over everything you need to know about how to promote your company online. We can provide a modern business website or provide content to upgrade existing websites. 

We can do before/after photos and video.  We can showcase renovations, installations, job site progress, and much more! 

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